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I partner with districts, organizations, and companies that are ready to apply and embed

anti-racist policies, processes, and practices into the fabric of their work and culture. Simply, we partner with people who want their employees to experience a radically different work environment.


Who You Are

  • Reflective, open, and curious

Ready to start or already on own journey to being anti-racist

  • Leading a small–early to emerging–organizations or team OR a self-contained department within a larger organization

Working with smaller groups enables me to build trust and go deep right away, so that those I partner with see the impact they need and want quickly.

  • A leader with significant decision making authority in your organization

A platform to empower our work to have an expansive impact

Client Experience

"Rachel Vicente is one of the best coaches I've ever encountered. I've grown so much from her feedback and her investment in me. She's able to breakdown classroom dynamics, ask the right questions, and push the classroom towards a more equitable sphere: one where student voice matters."


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